Friday, August 26, 2011


This just in! Straight from the lab of Magik Crowbar Produktionz PTY LTD the latest unholy batch of unlistenable totally amazing musics -

MC044 CONFUSED AS "Confused By Death" cs (21x)
Homebrew fueled terrifying raw-as-it-comes dbeat punk assault. Frustrated idle citizen obtains moltov cocktail and heads to the local cop shop. Not too different to Lebendon Toten meets crust-era Nailed Down. Total poolickers. One jammer whammer. You don't need fifty rehersals and $2000, it's ponx! Noisepunk for the noisepunks. Comes complete with bonus cover "Fight Against The Plutocrats" by Confuse.

MC046 MILITARY POSITION + SPASMOSLOP "Spectral Gloom" cdr (25x)
Blackened axe, oscillations and misanthropic howls from Harriet K Morgan and Nik Kennedy. A post-apocalyptic blizzard of isolation, evident in the fact that there were a whopping two people at this show. Recorded straight to Ken Oath's taser.

MC047 TRICHOTILLOMANIA "Dental Frost Monk / Love Clot" cs (21x)
Sunbaked treble soaked industrial loops and vinyl warp. Children's stories will never be the same again! Your sitting back in your nice reclined chair blissing up the UV rays when you open your eyes through the foggy yellow and orange haze only to realise that the Sun is a hell of a lot closer than you thought it was. Your hands melt into the pavement, your brain matter slowly oozes out your ears. And you thought being a dishpig was tough!

$5 aus / $7 world / trades considered