Monday, November 14, 2011


Freshly produced by The Beast (Telex ACC-4000) ...

MC025 PSYCHWARD CULT "Medicinal Dreaming" cs (100x)
Shitcore horror-psych, endless repetition, human blur, etc. Z-grade movie soundtrack. We thought we'd do a few more of these ones. Split with Psychotic Reaction.

MC053 XNOBBQX / DEREK ROGERS "Mechoui / Dead Synth" cs (28x)
The barbecue boys are at it again with some recent jams that appear in the red, doing fine; just toasting. Hey, why not slightly overcooked! Onions, cheese, mustard, tomato sauce, etc. Derek Rogers produces burnt out circles of percussive jams and distant chants with a droning dead synth channeling above.

MC059 TRICHOTILLOMANIA "Upsilon Andromedae Away Team" cs (20x)
The kingdom level above Human, the kingdom level above God. Includes a recording from a backyard jig a few weeks back at Broken House, recorded by Aaron Wallace.

MC062 HAPPY HUMAN RESOURCES "Stress Day" cs (∞x)
Harsh barbaric assault with shredding heavy metal solos, odd radio, field recordings, unheard sounds of daily life including one stressful city excursion. Homestyle avant-garde. Split with Nylstoch's new label $$$ Publications as Venting Gallery is on hiatus.

MC066 V/A "Next Level Marriage Counselling" 2xcdr (39x)
Featuring Unique Oil Free Air, Junk Sick & Nylstoch, RSI, Lovedied, Eagle Dust, Spasmoslop, DNA Radio, Kate's Organ, Alexandra Glazov & Clare Wohlnick, FTRG, Hobo Cubes, Italians, Well Hungover Cunt, Juno 82, Daddy's Room, Screwtape, Alzheimer Blanks, Young Romantix, Mud Brick Couch, Wank Bank, Mshing, Headless, Your Baby Is Ugly

MC068 WORD OF LIFE CHURCH SS "Amen" cs (?x)
Pacific 'Unshine Coast' jams, heavy Korg / Roland / Moog noise. Brewed up harsh synth 1:00AM 09-11-11. Split with Trapdoor Tapes.