Monday, February 6, 2012


Despite some setbacks the crew at Magik Crowbar Produktionz have been producing a diverse range of demo tapes recently...

MC009 BLEAK INFINITY "Rehersals" c30 (15x)
Here are the long awaited rehersals from primitive synth punk / goth band Bleak Infinity. Pre-Chrome Dome. These tapes have been buried for about three years only to be found again, cobwebs dusted off and ripped. The droned out waves of lo-fi synth sounds are not to different to Suicide, Nervous Gender, New Collapse, DAF, Screamers, etc. The band started in late 2007 with the lineup - Shaun South, Tom Miller, Sam Witek, Will Slape and Adrian Trajstman. After a week or two of jamming Sam had to go back to the Sunshine Coast and Hannah Schiefelbein moved down so she joined the band on duel vocals with Shaun. In early-mid 2008 Will left, wanting to move onto building more of his own instruments and sculptures. The band is dead now. I've only made a few of these but am keen to make more if anyone shows any interest.

MC026 HYPERSPACE VISION "Starfire" c20 (40x)
The ultimate space-disco rare cosmic boogie! Elements of 80's cheese w/ Tangerine Dream and Italo disco mix into one ball of (star)fire. Another project from Fabio Umberto aka Herbert West, Lovedied, Hamburger, etc. This is a split release with his new label World Global Record. Here's what the wizard had to say earlier today in his UFO - "Majestic deep space visions of exploding solar systems and vacuous space exploration in the neon haze of interstellar starfire as witnessed by a dying entrepreneur as he slowly loses his coked out consciousness in the bathroom stall of a popular disco club."

MC037 ALWAYS "Daddy vs. Son" c20 (20x)
A long awaited release from Alex Vivian

Two vocal loops phase in and out of eachother, creating rhythms then breaking them, abolishing ideas of structure then re-creating them, ripping off salt sweat stained hats then placing them on the head of another etc etc etc etc

Many t-shirts were discarded that day etc etc
A clock, ticking………
Days go by, a drink is drank, a sound is replicated...

The Daddy walks one way. Son walks another.... daddy then follows son, son flees daddy, daddy persues son, son persues daddy. Which voice is the chaser? Which voice is the chase-ee etc etc etc etc etc???

Originally slated for release & recorded in 2009, Daddy vs. Son illustrates an alliance or slave+master deal/ liaison etc etc etc locked in a constant power struggle etc as eachother strive to be heard, used, ignored, silent, loud, punished (lol), exist, breath, etc etc.

Daddy is dressed up in
and sideways cap

Bugs bunny shirt is blaring.

Son is dressed up in Armani suit.
And Italian leather shoes

Brief case is blaring.

Daddy grabs spraycan from tattered back pack, faces the closest wall
and scrawls:

“Young vs old
Old vs young”

Son retrieves pen + paper from briefcase and scrawls:

“Top vs bottom
bottom vs top”

etyc et cetc etc etc etc etc

Is this an opposing view(?????), can these two things work together, what is
this, etc etc tec Many questions etc etc etc.

I.e. A voice is heard, a voice is not heard, a voice is not not heard,
a voice can be heard if it 'wants" to etc etc etc etc etc

MC061 ANDREW COLTRANE "Denial Of Death" c32 (40x)
Operator of Detroit noise / outsider label Hermitage Tapes, Coltrane has been in the game for years. Some really interesting stuff here, using a 4-track, warped drone, radio preaching weird shit, elements of harsh and/or oscillating sounds. Midnight highway construction. The end of side A sort of sounds like a twisted minimal SNES loop. Look, I really wouldn't have a clue what he's using this time but it's worth checking out.

MC067 GOAT SMEGMA "Satanic Majesty" c10 (13x)
Raw lo-fi black metal noise onslaught. Sloppy as all shit. Black mess. Total filth.

MC069 HÄVITTÄJÄT s/t c16 (130x)
Raw Finnish influenced punk with snotty delayed vocals and nihilistic riffs ala Disorder, Mellakka, etc. Members of Krömosom and Leprosy at one stage or another. No computers. Blown out to shit! For fans of boigers, cwoffee and cigarettes.

MC070 MEMORIAL RECORDINGS "Fields Of Strangers / Dark Cymbals" c30 (7x)
Eerie midday music, they used scraps of a drumkit and a homemade guitar whilst drumming random objects in the room and turfing stuff around, etc. No artwork, just TDK cassettes with a light green piece of paper. Unsettling sad soundscapes. Lonely music.

I've also got DEBACLE / FILTHPACT split 7's, COCK SAFARI 'wmgmbtb / you can ukulele' 2x3'' cdr, SCREWTAPE 'grey' cs, RUPTURE / NIHLISTICS split 7 amongst heaps of secondhand tapes and records email if you're interested.