Tuesday, October 15, 2013


BM004 GROT 'altar of excoriated flesh' c20
Hellish black death metal noise cacophony produced in a dark dungeon including chains, leather, bullets and BOOZE! Black Magik Tapes, edition of 50.
For all tape enquires / paypal email rdmpunx@hotmail.com


MC084 SHANE FAHEY 'bashing the card table' c60
Two recently produced live sets to wrap your headgear around, flabbergasting harsh truth from Australian noise and post-punk veteran of M-Squared, Shane Fahey of Scattered Order and Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast. Side A puts forth a roaring and relentless set from Discobeans. Side B combines some found junknoise mixed appropriately with layered OG synths, recorded at the Pharmacy. Edition of 50.


MC083 ITALIANS 'lost cats of calabria' c90
These lost cats having been prowling this ghetto for decades. Here we have prepared synth textures and conceptual pieces in the vein of Krautrock forefathers. The fine line between in composition and improvisation. Somewhere in the surround sound is where souls are longing to be found in astral staircases. Edition of 50.


MC082 WORD OF LIFE CHURCH SS 'death pig' c30
A vision of Melbourne crimescene circa 1985, weapons and drugs are seized from Dennis Allen's property at 49 Cubitt Street. The flipside bangs abstract sounds from a pure industrial wasteland, streets are plagued with smog and toxic waste, empty factories with broken machinery. Split release with Trapdoor Tapes, edition of 60.


MC081 DUNGEON DAVE 'sword fighter' c20
"Magic adventure and enchanting mystical realms await you mighty warrior," a mysterious voice whispers from the dark, "will you let perilous danger stand in the way of riches untold?"

Fight your way to heroism and fame in this thrilling adventure! Dungeon Dave, master of the game, challenges YOU! to find your way through five of his most devious mazes of magic and terror! Can you fight your way to survival and save the maiden fair? A hard edged, high energy Dungeon Wave fantasy extravaganza! Play it now! Split release with World Global Record, edition of 40. Soundcloud.


MC080 HYPERSPACE VISION 'navigator' c30
Floating through bleak and aimless void your cold spectral form chances upon the starship Navigator, lost to time. Its crew long dead and engines failing, the ship's computer transmits, on constant loop, recordings from the ancient black box. As you slowly advance upon the derelict spacecraft the messages grow loud and clear, you begin to understand what happened on Navigator... You begin to see the Hyperspace Vision. Split release with World Global Record, edition of 40.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013